As a long standing member of CCID (Community Colleges for International Development), Highline College will host the third  International Collegiate Cyber Defense Invitational (ICCDI). Highline College is a US National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense –Two-Year (CAE2Y) that has successfully hosted the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (PRCCDC) for the last decade. Since 2016 the Highline student and IT Infrastructure teams have designed, hosted and operated PRCCDC which  has hosts colleges and universities from Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

The ICCDI will bring together approximately ten student teams along with  faculty members from nations around the world to participate in a Red Team / Blue Team cyber competition. Invitations have been extended to institutions in Europe, Asia, and Africa.



To create a space for current and future cyber defenders to meet and interact with each other.

As the issue of cyber threats becomes more and more common place, professionals need to be familiar with how their counterparts in the world work. By hosting an international cyber competition for schools from various parts of the globe including North America, SADC, Europe, and Asia, Highline College will bring student teams, corporations and cyber professionals as a pilot for an ongoing event.

One of the challenges expressed at the Cyber SEC forum, was that of different countries using different terms, etc. to manage the same types of networks and deal with the same cybersecurity issues. By hosting an international event, we hope to facilitate the use of a common language and to create new relationships among those who are becoming the next generation of cyber defenders.

The Invitational will also serve as a catalyst for other countries to start hosting their own national collegiate competitions.



The rules will draw from the US National CCDC rules, and grow as determined by the Rules Committee. Briefly:

Student teams of 8, no less than 6



Teams cannot attack each other or the Red Team

Students must be full time students

Teams must be accompanied by at least one faculty or staff member

Limit of 4 graduate students

Teams provide their own travel funds and pay for lodging


For more information, contact Dr. Amelia Phillips at aphillips@highline.edu  or +1-206-592-3497



If you or your company are interested in sponsoring the event or sending volunteers, please contact Dr. Amelia Phillips at aphillips@highline.edu  or +1-206-592-3497


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